Pacific Community Ventures

Pacific Community Ventures creates jobs and economic opportunity in low income communities through the direct support of small businesses, as well as by advocating for systemic change to increase investment in economically disadvantaged communities. We fulfill this mission through three core programs: Small Business Lending, Small Business Advising (through our platform), and policy research.

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PCV’s Business Advising Program matches senior-level volunteer advisors with successful entrepreneurs who are facing challenges growing their businesses. Our individually customized advising program provides specific expertise at the exact time of need for the business owner(s)/operator(s). Our pool of advisors is made up of executives, industry experts all available to help small businesses grow in a flexible, approachable, and unique way. Learn more about PCV’s advising program.


PCV’s Small Business Lending Program provides affordable small business loans ($50,000 – $200,000) to California businesses that are creating quality jobs in underserved communities. We make the loan process simple and straightforward. In addition to quarterly meetings with a financial advisor, PCV loan borrowers can also work with expert small business advisors from our Business Advising program. Learn more about PCV’s small business lending program.

Target Client Profile

PCV’s prospective entrepreneurs should be located in or hiring from California’s low-to-moderate income communities, and have $150,000+ in annual revenues. PCV also accepts all existing clients of SFEDA partner organizations.

Contact Information

Contact: Robert Porter
phone: (415) 442-4319