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Centro Community Partners (Centro) provides multilevel entrepreneurship education to underserved entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and Latin America through classroom training and multilingual mobile apps. Through these services, low-income minorities become more effective business owners, create self-sustaining jobs, and obtain microloans that build the economic and social vibrancy of their communities.

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  • Entrepreneur Readiness Program: We designed this 14-week advanced training program to meet the unique needs of underserved entrepreneurs who have basic training experience. The program focuses on business competency, leadership development, and credit health. Upon graduation of the program, the entrepreneurs are positioned to increase revenue and receive loans from our partner organizations.
  • MBA Advisor Training: We strategically train and match MBA student advisors with the entrepreneurs in our Entrepreneur Readiness Program. This offers top MBA students the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience while contributing their skills and expertise to entrepreneurs that build stronger local communities.
  • Mobile Solutions: As an integral component of Centro’s innovative strategy, we are in the process of developing a Mobile Toolkit – a suite of mobile apps that provide wraparound support to underserved entrepreneurs all over the world. In 2014, we released the Centro Business Planning Tool to help entrepreneurs develop a basic business plan and access capital.
  • Partner Starter Set: Through our Partner Starter Set, we offer organizations a basic entrepreneurship facilitator’s guide to be used in conjunction with the Business Planning Tool app. The alignment of the curriculum and the app make it easy for organizations with limited resources to offer high-quality basic entrepreneurship training to more aspiring business owners.

Cost for Services

  • Entrepreneur Readiness Program: $500 (sliding scale) for 14 weeks of classes and one-on-one coaching.
  • MBA Advisor Training:  This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity offered to high-performing, socially-minded MBA students.
  • Mobile Toolkit: The Centro Business Planning Tool mobile app is available for FREE for Apple and Android Devices.
  • Partner Starter Set: Please contact us (arturo@centrocommunity.org) if your organization is interested in our Partner Starter Set. This includes the Basic Business Planning Tool mobile app, as well as our basic entrepreneurship facilitator’s guide.

Target Client Profile

Centro tailors its services based on the skill level of each entrepreneur. Our advanced training classes in Oakland cater to the entrepreneur who has already begun selling a product or service, whereas the Centro Business Planning Tool mobile app fits the needs of entrepreneurs who are quite new to business. Through all of our services, the common thread is our commitment to financial inclusion. As such, our services target low-income minorities and women.

Contact Information

Contact: Arturo Noriega

Phone: (510) 556-4249

Email: arturo@centrocommunity.org